Arrow Anthology

    (Arrow, 1997-1998)
™ and ©1998 the respective creators

Several of Arrow Comic’s ongoing titles, such as August, Dark Oz, Nightstreets, and Land of Oz, saw their beginnings in the pages of this anthology series, which showcased the talents of several artists and writers, including Randy Zimmerman, Bill Bryan, Scott Rosema, and Andrew Pepoy. The title lasted for five issues, and also often featured popular characters from other publishers, such as Moonstone’s Mr. Nightmare, Simone & Ajax from the pages of Bardic Press’ Mythography, and Electric Milk’s Cray-Baby. It was an excellent option for both current Arrow fans and new readers interested in expanding their horizons.

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 The Fool, Jabberwocky, Great Scott, Night Streets, Battle Bot  


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 Simone & Ajax, Battle Bot, Night Streets, Miss Chevious, Dark Oz  


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 The Fool, Dragon Storm, Great Scott, Ninja Duck, Simone & Ajax, Samantha  


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 August, Land of Oz, Corhawk, Mr. Nightmare, Simone & AjaxScott Rosema, Dave Ulanski, Randy Zimmerman, Gary Bishop, Andrew PepoyScott Rosema, Bill Bryan, Andrew Pepoy, Brian Douglas Ahern, Mike Montgomery, Mark Stegbauer, Jack Snider, Anthony Carpenter, Dave Ulanski, Chris Theisen


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