Blood Legacy: The Young Ones

    (Image, 2003)
™ and © Image Comics, Inc.

The trouble with a lot of Top Cow comics is that, while visually attractive, they tend to have all the literary content of an Italian fashion magazine. So credit must be given to writer Kerri Hawkins for giving her story of the centuries–old sort–of vampire Erika some extra added depth. She may dress like Lara Croft, look like a cheerleader, and be prone to graceful displays of acrobatic violence (all lovingly depicted), but she encounters haunting real–world atrocities on her quest to find the source of evil (named simply “Luke”). She’s an attractive protagonist, to be sure, but, since readers are never given any indication of why she fights evil, she remains a distant one. It’s certainly slick but oddly artificial, full of scenes that fail to persuade. It’s hard to complain about implausibility in a vampire comic book, but would a couple of chollos really shake down a small boy by threatening to set fire to his dog?

— S.A. Bennett

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