All New Collectors’ Edition

    (DC, 1977-1979)
™ and ©1978 DC Comics

This series of treasury-size comics continued the inexplicable numbering system of DC’s Limited Collectors’ Editions (C-53, C-54, C-55, etc.) but presented all-new material—hence the name—rather than reprints. The content of the “collectors’ editions” varied: two issues featured collections of new Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer stories; the final issue was a photo-heavy magazine devoted to 1978’s Superman: The Movie. A Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes installment took readers to the thirtieth-century wedding of founding Legionnaires Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, and the three remaining issues featured blockbuster battles between Superman and other heroes, namely Wonder Woman, Shazam!, and—are you ready for this?—real-life boxing champion Muhammad Ali!

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 C-54; Superman vs. Wonder WomanGerry Conway, Mike GoldJosé Luis García-López


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 C-55Paul LevitzMike Grell, James Sherman


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 C-56Denny O’Neil, Neal AdamsNeal Adams

#56 Variation A

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Whitman variantC-56Denny O’Neil, Neal AdamsNeal Adams


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 C-58; Superman vs. Captain MarvelGerry Conway, E. Nelson BridwellDick Giordano, Rich Buckler


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 C-60; Rudolph’s Summer Fun; Includes activity pages and pin-upsSheldon MayerSheldon Mayer, Tenny Henson


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