Artistic Licentiousness

    (Starhead, 1991)
©1991 Roberta Gregory

Noted alternative comix artist Roberta Gregory (Naughty Bits) was asked in 1989 whether she would create an adult comic. At the time, it seemed to her like a good way to cash in on the “smut glut” of erotic comics, and at the same time it gave her the chance to make a truly adult (i.e. intelligent) adult comic. Other work intruded, though, and it was not until 1991 when Artistic Licentiousness appeared.

The story centers on an overweight comic artist named Kevin who can only watch while his friend Mitch uses and discards beautiful women. Meanwhile, Kevin’s downstairs neighbor Denise, a bisexual woman writer is having her own troubles. After spending the night with the woman she had been after for months, she made the mistake of revealing that she had dated men in the past, leading the woman to conclude that she was “just fooling around until a man shows up.” When Kevin and Denise finally pair up, their mutual angst level is unbelievable —and all too real.
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June, 1994
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