(DC, 2000)
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This joint publishing venture re-teams two heroes first seen together in 1997’s Daredevil/Batman one-shot. Marvel’s “Man Without Fear” journeys to Gotham City on the trail of Catwoman, who has stolen a detailed file on New York’s premier crime-lord, the Kingpin. Hoping to track the thief back to her employer, DD has an inevitable confrontation with Gotham’s Dark Knight. They reluctantly find themselves working together against one of Batman’s most bizarre and deadly foes, the Scarecrow, whose powerful fear gas renders most people completely helpless, sometimes even causing death.

The Scarecrow set his sights on the Kingpin’s criminal empire, and he’ll do anything it takes to get it. Starting a massive gangland war is just the first step in the Scarecrow’s plan to make himself the King of New York. Unleashing his gas on the city’s millions of unsuspecting citizens is his ultimate, terrifying goal.

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  Alan GrantEduardo Barreto