Adventures in 3-D

    (Harvey, 1953-1954)
™ and ©1953 Harvey Comic Publications

Much as 3-D movies that are primarily created to showcase the three-dimensional effects, this 1953 title presents simple, straightforward tales with “true 3-D on every page.” It claims to be the world’s first 3-D adventure comic, and although the technology never really caught fire in comic books, it does show up every once in a while these days, which makes this a fun and interesting piece of comic history.

As for the adventures: one is a thrilling outer space yarn; one is a jungle tale, complete with cannibals, savage tigers, and a buxom blonde damsel in distress; while still another is a mountain-climbing epic to find the mysterious creature known only as “The Snowman.” These and other short stories of excitement and adventure offer an enjoyable, if somewhat hokey, trip into the past. Published by Harvey Publications.

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 Indicia reads title as Odell’s Specia Editon Adventures in 3-D #1  


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