Bad Luck and Rick Dees Sentinel of Justice

    (King, 1994)
™ and © King

That’s not a misprint, this series really stars radio DJ Rick Dees. Oh, and it gets better. Dees is a well-built, law-abiding, fist-throwing partner to a Los Angeles hero with the bright idea of naming himself Bad Luck. At least Bad Luck drives an interesting car (a 1950s Hudson). Together they team up with a lost angel (code name: “The Lost Angel”) in a fight against the nefarious Nick Ferno, Son of Satan and his evil youth camp.

Published in 1994 by the small time King Comics out of South Hacienda Heights, California, other characters include Justin Time, Sentinel of Justice and a cameo by Satan himself. One can only hope they team one of them in a series with Casey Kasem someday.

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