Dark Claw Adventures

    (Amalgam, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Marvel Characters, Inc. and DC Comics

Mix Wolverine with Batman Adventures and what do you get? A square-jawed, caped crusader with extensible claws and a mutant healing factor! Yes, the Dark Claw adventures is yet another Amalgam one-shot, blending familiar Marvel and DC characters into new “amalgams” as part of a special joint-publishing exercise between the two giant comic companies.

In this one-shot special, Logan (a.k.a. the Dark Claw) is being stalked by a cyborg assassin with adamantium claws. Who is this cyberfemme fatale? None other than Talia, the daughter of Ra’s A-Pocalypse, a villain killed by Dark Claw years ago. Once Talia was a sweetheart of Logan’s, but now she’s upgraded her weaponry and wants revenge!
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June, 1997
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Ty TempletonRick Burchett, Ty Templeton