The Acolyte

    (Mad Monkey, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Mad Monkey Press

Father David O’Malley, a dedicated parish priest, finds his dreams becoming progressively more disturbing. Initially the dreams were simply strange: they consisted of visions of a silent boy, seemingly in pain and attempting to communicate. Then the images became alarming as scenes of gruesome murders haunted his fitful sleep. When the victims in his dreams turn up as real victims in the daily newspapers, Father O’Malley can no longer sustain his day-to-day existence. He takes a leave of absence from his duties in order to attempt to discover the connection to his dreams…a discovery he may come to regret.

The writer of this mystery yarn attempts to convey a moody, surreal atmosphere through a slow, plodding narrative that is not helped by the stiff, monochromatic, ink-wash artwork and the conspicuous absence of dialogue. As an unfortunate result, this portrayal of the deconstruction of a man’s psyche is more tedious than terrifying.

— George Haberberger

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