The Best of Walt Disney Comics

    (Western, 1974)
™ and ©1974 Walt Disney Productions

One of the earliest examples of a comic book publisher offering a graphic novel approach to reprinting stories that is quite commonplace today. Prior to this, comic book publishers would just randomly reprint material in regular issues or in “Annuals” without much regard to history, and sometimes not even notifying readers that it was reprints. Western Publishing took great care with these books, offering cardboard covers and selecting early material from Four Color and Uncle Scrooge as well as early newspaper comic strips that hadn’t been collected in book form before.

— Mark Arnold

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No copies available
Reprints stories from Four Color Comics #62 (Donald Duck); 96170  


No copies available


1 copy available for $9.99
Reprints stories from Four Color Comics #386 and 495 (Uncle Scrooge) and Uncle Scrooge #7; 96172  


2 copies available from $7.99
Reprints from Four Color Comics (2nd Series) #159, 178; 96173