Adventures of the Vital-Man

    (Cornerstone Design, 1991-1992)
™ and © 1991 Tom Kokenge

1937, New York! The city is held in the grip of fear as superhuman criminals known as the Atlas Gang commit impossible crimes. Steve Dennard is an intrepid young reporter for radio station WRGI investigating the mysterious gang when he is mistakenly bitten by a pigeon carrying vitamin formula which was supposed to be injected into street thug Punchy Dugan. Dugan had been given a pill to buffer his system for the vitamin injection that would have given him the same fantastic strength as the Gang. In an effort to not appear to be a member of the Atlas mob despite his similar new abilities, Dennard dons a colorful costume and calls himself the Vital-Man, American’s one-man gangbuster. But can even the Vita-Man and his sidekick Punchy stop the deadly plans of criminal mastermind Professor Alexander Zardon, the man who inadvertently gave Dennard his Vita powers to begin with?

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 B&WTom KokengeAl Tudor, David Mack, Mike Whiteside


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 Budgie Press begins publishingTom KokengeDavid Mack


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  Tom KokengeDavid Mack


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  Tom KokengeMike Whiteside, Marcus Jackson, David Mack


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 ca. 1992Tom KokengeMarcus Jackson, David Mack


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 Final IssueTom KokengeWillie Peppers, David Mack, Marcus Jackson, Corey Kliever