An Accidental Death

    (Fantagraphics, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Ed Brubaker and Eric Shanower

In the forlorn naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, deep in the heart of the 1970s, two teens, Navy brats living in the family barracks, find themselves at the center of a chilling murder and conspiracy. When a new family moves onto the base, Charlie and Frank become obsessed with the newcomers, particularly their beautiful young daughter. Then one night, Frank shows up at Charlie’s window covered in blood, telling him the young girl died in an accident. But if that’s the case, then why does Frank want his friend’s help in hiding the body? Writer Ed Brubaker (Batman) and artist Eric Shanower both spent time themselves at this very base as children of career officers and they put those childhood memories to fine use in this eerie and dark tale, nominated for an Eisner in 1993.

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