The Big Book of The Unexplained

    (Paradox, 1997)
©1997 Doug Moench and the contributing artists

This tenth “Big Book” from DC’s Paradox Press is one of the strangest ones yet. It’s written by Doug Moench and narrated by the ghostly image of Charles Fort (who made a career of cataloging strange phenomena before his death in 1932). Together, they take you on a tour of a world which science has no answers for. It’s a world of impossible animals, lost continents, and bizarre phenomena which can’t possibly exist—but which many would claim do, regardless.

Included in this vast compendium are mysteries such as the mummy’s curse, living dinosaurs, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, alien abductions, and rains of frogs (and other bizarre matter). Although the book does not suggest you believe everything you read here, some is supported by evidence which is remarkably hard to refute. If nothing else, these topics could (and have) provided grist for numerous episodes of the X-Files…

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Anthology; B&WDoug MoenchBrent Anderson, Eric Shanower, Gahan Wilson, Gary Fields, Jeff Parker, Joe Orlando, Paul Gulacy, Randy DuBurke, Rick Geary, Rick Parker, Robin Smith, Russ Heath, Sergio Aragonés, Steve Leialoha, Steve Lieber, Steve Mannion, Ted Slampyak, Ward Sutton