Armed & Dangerous: Hell’s Slaughterhouse

    (Acclaim, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Acclaim Comics, Inc.

Bob Hall was the creator of this darkly stylish work of crime fiction. Rendered in high contrast black-and-white, it’s reminiscent of Frank Miller’s work on Sin City.

In this story, Charly Donovan is a former mobster and current drunk. For years the world had believed him dead, following an ambush which wiped out the rest of his crew. Donovan had escaped by taking a dive off a high bridge, disappearing into the inky waters below. Since then he has survived by virtue of Margaret, an old flame who left a thousand dollars of drinking money in a numbered locker in Brooklyn every month. But this month the locker was empty—and a call to Margaret left Donovan with the distinct impression that someone from his past was holding a gun to her head.

This separately numbered mini-series is simultaneously known as Armed and Dangerous #6–9.

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