Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet

    (DC, 1997)
™ and © 1997 DC Comics

Before he was Nightwing, he was the original Robin. But before he could be Robin, young Dick Grayson had to pass a series of tests administered by Batman. In this one-shot by Bruce Canwell and Lee Weeks, Batman has decided that his young charge is ready for his “final exam”: a challenging hide-and-seek game in which he must evade Batman for an entire night. The rules: he must stay within Gotham city limits and he must remain in costume at all times. But the timing for this test couldn’t be worse, as the Boy Wonder almost immediately runs afoul of a deadly gang of mob-connected criminals. When Robin stops a hit on an undercover cop, he unwittingly finds himself in possession of the evidence that will bring the crime ring down for good—and the criminals know it. Now, the hide-and-seek game becomes a deadly race. Who will find Robin first—The Dark Knight, or the killers?

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 1st Robin solo adventureBruce CanwellLee Weeks