Scary Godmother: Spooktakular Stories

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It came as no surprise that, in her introduction to the latest collection of Scary Godmother stories, creator Jill Thompson admits to having a background in improvisational comedy. That’s because, as in the work of the Second City comedy sketch performers, there’s a vividness to all of her creations that makes the audience immediately connect to them.

They may be, to say the least, larger than life “types,” but there’s actual character in these characters that always makes the reader think fondly of them and miss them when they’re gone. So it’s a genuine pleasure to visit once again with the gang from Fright Side in this neat little tome that contains nicely original holiday tales, recipes, crossword puzzles, and arts and crafts projects. It’s difficult to choose a favorite among all these treasures, but my favorite just has to be the Holiday Spooktacular, a winter solstice story that avoids well-trod seasonal clichés to generate genuine cheer. If anyone’s still wondering how to do great comics for kids that won’t bore adults, look no further.

— S.A. Bennett

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