Amazing Wahzoo

    (Solson, 1986)
™ and ©1986 Solson Publications, Inc.

Richard W. Buckler, son of comics veteran Rich Buckler, made his debut with this short-lived indie series from 1986. Buckler, who was fourteen at the time, showed a remarkable grasp of the comics medium, as well as an ability to get a story across without the gratuitous posing and grimacing that mar so many freshman efforts.

The Amazing Wahzoo is a strange, over-the-top super-hero that a couple of kids were working on (much like their real-life creators), but who came to life due to a computer glitch in the writer’s computer. The problem then becomes how to hide the diminutive super-hero and keep their parents from finding out about him.

In contrast to young Richard Buckler’s surprisingly mature work, the backup feature “Star King” by 32-year-old Rich Sawyer is an almost hopelessly amateurish space/super-hero fiction.
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