Captain Action (DC)

    (DC, 1968-1969)
™ and ©1968 DC Comics

(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

DC beat Marvel by a decade in adapting an action-toy into a comic, when Captain Action briefly became embedded in the DC Universe. Archaeologist Prof. Clive Arno found ancient coins which, when held, gave the holder the power of the god portrayed on the coin. Arno became Captain Action, and his son, Action Boy. Creative talents included Jim Shooter, Wally Wood, and especially Gil Kane, who produced some of his best-ever material (story and art) by his own reckoning. The only let-down was the awful costume. A peaked officer’s hat and skintight costume made the good Captain a natural to sing with the Village People. Still, a well-produced series that deserved a longer run. ~HY

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 1st appearance of Captain Action (in comics); 1st appearance of Clive Arno; 1st appearance of Carl Arno; 1st appearance of Krellik; 1st appearance of Khem the panther; 1st appearance of The Elders of Aspu; Origin of Captain Action; Chernobog; Based on toyJim ShooterWally Wood


3 copies available from $54.00
 1st appearance of Action Boy (in comics)Jim ShooterGil Kane


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 1st appearance of Dr. Evil; 1st appearance of Dr. Evil (Dr. Tracy); Origin of Dr. EvilGil KaneGil Kane


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 1st appearance of Kathryn ArnoGil KaneGil Kane


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 1st appearance of Matthew Blackwell; 1st appearance of Eugene Johnson; 1st appearance of Johnny Johnson; Final issueGil KaneGil Kane