Amy Papuda

    (Northstar, 1990)
™ and © 1990 Northstar

Amy’s just an innocent girl trying to get by the best she can in a world that hates her. It’s not her fault that things fall apart around her, or that stuff blows up, or people get killed. It’s not her fault that everyone pisses her off, until she’s just so mad she has to jump on him or her and kick and bite and choke…and…and…okay, maybe it’s a little bit her fault. But Amy really does try to be good, it just that there’s always somebody waiting to knock her down as soon as she starts to get ahead. Especially her number one enemy, Doug, who Amy really, really hates (even though she secretly really, really loves him!). But it doesn’t matter how many times Amy gets kicked into the gutter, she always drags herself out and keeps on trying.

Creator Michael Pearlstein claims Amy’s adventures are a true story. God, that poor girl!
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