The Adventurers (Aircel)

    (Aircel, 1986)
©1986 Adventure Publications

The Adventurers was a well-produced sword and sorcery title from writer Scott Behnke and Peter Hsu. It draws heavily on fantasy/role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons in creating its world of fearless adventurers, strange magics, horrible monsters, and lost treasures.

The tale begins when eight adventurers are recruited by Tarrus the One-Eyed to recover a magical key from the lost city of Tecumeth. This city had been considered the home of great evil for generations—and with good cause. The adventurers’ quest would be one of constant peril, with the party facing dangers both living and mystical. Although the adventurers have more than their share of differences, they would need all their skills if they were to have any hope of survival.

Although it lasted just two issues, this 1986 series marked the beginning of a train of Adventurers titles to follow.

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Regular coverB&W; ca. 1986Scott BehnkePeter Hsu

#1 Limited Edition

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Skeleton cover Scott BehnkePeter Hsu


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 B&WScott BehnkeKent Burles