Assassins’ Guild

    (Red Eye, 2004)
™ and © Red Eye

With only 15 pages of story, this prequel to the upcoming graphic novel isn’t worth $2.50. Perhaps if one penciller had managed to draw the entire story, instead of five pages per penciller, the package might be worth paying full price. Red Eye Press and Knightshift would have been better served getting one guy to draw it and pricing it at 99¢.

Out of the three artists represented, the first two—Jim Nunn and Jason Borne—are awful. Fortunately, the third and cover artist Dustin Weaver is also drawing the graphic novel. That was a wise choice, but, unfortunately, whoever picks this up will be treated to a pair of inferior artists before getting to the good stuff.

The story itself is generic: A group of covert operatives hide what they do from their families as they go out to assassinate people. Since the premise is so vanilla, writer Randy Taylor should turn a corner and make the next story about the characters and their relationships, since great characters can shore up a lousy plot any day.

— Steve Horton
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