Proof of Concept

    (AiT/Planet Lar, 2004)
™ and © AiT/Planet Lar

Writer/artist/publisher Larry Young readily admits to the underlying conceit behind the concept of this title. Rather than simply collect a group of diverse stories, he uses a framing device that portrays him pitching several story ideas to his agent, explaining just enough to whet his agent’s appetite. Incredibly, his agent finds every idea to be a sure hit.

A world of Abraham Lincoln clones, kids who find and film a wormhole, as well as zombie dinosaurs are some of the high concept ideas that Young describes to his agent. Young posted five short stories on a website and invited artists to try their hand at illustrating them. He picked the submissions that he thought best captured his vision and published them here. The sixth story, however, violates this title’s own premise. “The Bod,” an intriguing parable about beauty and fame told by using an invisible woman, (whose body is revealed by her skin–tight dress), was already published by Double Image in 2001.

— George Haberberger
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December, 2004
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Larry YoungKieron Dwyer, Damian Couceiro, Steven Sanders, Paul Tucker, Jeff Johns, John Flynn, John Heebink