Venom: The Mace

    (Marvel, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Marvel Entertainment Group

In this three-issue limited series, Venom is challenged by a new “hero” called the Mace. The Mace is a high-tech mercenary and a former member of the Sunrise Society, a group of high-tech vigilantes. His abilities include a whole menu of armament and a LCD-cloak that renders him effectively invisible. On the run from his old organization, he has been hired to protect the people in a rundown area of San Francisco. To accomplish this, he sets top priority on taking down Venom, whom most of the world regards as a vicious killer. Little does he realize that Venom is also acting to protect the San Francisco underclass.

By battling Venom in these people’s neighborhood, however, he inadvertently endangers the very people he has sworn to protect. And before long, they will both have a bigger problem to contend with: the armored Ninjas of the Sunrise Society.

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