Batman: Seduction of the Gun

    (DC, 1993)
™ and ©1993 DC Comics, Inc.

Real life: John Reisenbach had gone outside to make a phone call because the phones in his apartment were out of order. Minutes later, he was shot to death in a random, senseless killing.

John was the son of DC’s Sandy Reisenbach. His death inspired the folks at DC to take a stand against the incredible, violent madness that seems to be gripping America. They created Seduction of the Gun to dramatize the effect of a gun-crazed culture where children must pass through metal detectors at school, people are killed in playgrounds for their sneakers, and the merest provocation is seen as excuse to use deadly force against someone.

The story’s nominal hero is Batman, the “bad guys” are drug dealers and guns, and the victims include just about everyone.

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Painted coverDedicated to John Reisenbach (Son of DC editor slain in gun killing)John OstranderVince Giarrano