Judge Dredd’s Crime File (Eagle)

    (Eagle, 1985-1986)
™ and ©1985 Eagle Comics

Judge Dredd has been a sensation in British comics ever since his first appearance in 2000 A.D. #2, back in 1977. This hard-nosed cop has his jurisdiction in a world ridden by high-tech depravity and ultra-violent crime. It’s up to Dredd and the other judges (as the police are called in the future’s mega-cities) to keep the peace.

Judge Dredd’s Crime File is a six-issue series reprinting Dredd’s earliest and most colorful adventures from 2000 A.D. Here you’ll see Dredd take on reckless youngsters who bounce off buildings inside six-foot pinballs, protection rackets that use psychic attacks on those who don’t buy their “insurance,” and thugs who want to silence forever their old boss—now reduced to a mere head on life support.

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6 copies available from $1.25
  John WagnerJohn Byrne, Ron Smith, Colin Wilson


4 copies available from $2.94
  John Wagner, Alan GrantRon Smith


12 copies available from $2.70
  John Wagner, Alan GrantIan Gibson, Colin Wilson


6 copies available from $2.25
  Alan Grant, John WagnerIan Gibson, Ron Smith


4 copies available from $1.00
  John WagnerBarry Mitchell, Dave Gibbons


2 copies available from $4.00
  John Wagner, Alan GrantIan Gibson