(Active Images, 2005)
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What happens when a serial killer has taken so many lives that God himself takes notice? Mason Krokus is not a good man. Unfortunately, he’s the hard-bitten, stereotypical all-powerful hitman one finds all too often in comics. Tired of his killing streak of no doubt millions of innocent people, he is a self-hating shell of a man.

Then God stops by—in the form of a body-pierced little girl with pigtails and a pet platypus—and offers a deal. Mason can go after all the targets he wants, but only bad people and only if he doesn’t kill them. Mason reluctantly accepts. And when he becomes angry at his targets or threatens to lose control—God-with-pigtails interrupts him with a reminder of their deal. Ballast contains serviceable art and strange, stream-of-consciousness style writing.

— Jerry Smith

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 1st appearance of Mason Krokus; B&W; ca. 2005Joe KellyIlya