Badger Goes Berserk

    (First, 1989)
™ and ©1989 First Comics Publishing, Inc.

Norbert Sykes is the Badger, a mentally unbalanced super-hero who trounces jaywalkers, litterbugs, and those who are unkind to animals. In Badger Goes Berserk we go back in time to explore the roots of Norbert’s psychosis, following a trail of child abuse and general weirdness that turned him into Madison, Wisconsin’s signature super-hero. It also pits Norbert against his adoptive father and a mad plot to spark a nationwide race war.

Badger had started its life with Capital Comics before transferring over to become one of First’s first titles. First comics published this four-issue mini-series to celebrate Badger’s 50th issue. To make it happen, it enlisted the help of a creative cast of sixteen people, including Badger creator Mike Baron, along with Denys Cowan, Jill Thompson, Rob Liefeld, and other notables. Even Kitchen Sink publisher Dennis Kitchen lent a hand to letter several pages.

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7 copies available from $1.99
  Mike BaronNeil Hansen, Denis Kitchen, Denys Cowan, Steve Epting, Jill Thompson, Malcolm Jones III


5 copies available from $1.99
  Mike BaronNeil Hansen, Paul Chadwick, Denys Cowan, Mitch O’Connell, Jill Thompson, Mike Zeck


6 copies available from $1.99
  Mike BaronNeil Hansen, Joe Staton, Mike Zeck, Eric Shanower, Paul Fricke, Jill Thompson, Flint Henry, Jeff Butler


6 copies available from $1.35
  Mike BaronNeil Hansen, Mike Zeck, Mitch O’Connell, Denys Cowan, Jill Thompson, Jeff Butler, Walt Simonson