The 3-Minute Sketchbook

    (The Hero Initiative, 2007)
™ and © 2007 The Hero Initiative and respective copyright owners

The title of this book does not lie: within the Three-Minute Sketchbook are sketches done by comics pros (of the caliber of Neal Adams, Frank Cho, Michael Turner, and more) within the time frame of three minutes. These sketches were collected by comics fan Michael Finn and donated to the HERO Initiative, a federally chartered charity which helps comic book creators in need. As such, the proceeds of this book go to that charity, which is in itself a great reason to purchase it. But the sketches, too, are wonderful: it’s amazing what some artists can do in three minutes. John Romita Jr., for instance, turns out a picture featuring Spider-Man, Captain America, and the Hulk that looks pretty darn good, and Bob Layton does an Iron Man that looks complete. Some of these sketches are incredibly funny: Scott Kurtz of the web comic PVP turns in a frustrated-looking Red Sonja who would fit right in his comic world, while Strangers in Paradise’s Terry Moore sketches his character Francine in a bra, noting on the sketch “no time for shirt!”. The book not only supports a great cause, it’s also a fascinating look at the artistic process of some of the top talents in the field.

— Eric Garneau
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 Garry Leach, Mike Perkins, Matt Wagner, Josh Medors, Billy Martinez, Joseph Michael Linsner, Steve McNiven, Todd McFarlane, Mike Deodato Jr., Bill Tucci, J.G. Jones, David Michael Beck, Michael Turner, Art Adams, Anthony Castrillo, Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, Michael T. Gilbert, Mike Mignola, Bernie Wrightson, Mark Texeira, George Perez, Terry Moore, Tom Brevoort, John Romita, Ernie Chan, Glenn Fabry, Andy Kubert, Joe Rubinstein, Jim Calafiore, Humberto Ramos, Michael Gaydos, Mike Grell, Dave Gibbons, Doug Braithwaite, Arthur Suydam, Greg Pak, Greg Horn, Scott Kurtz, Chris Ivy, Phil Winslade, Walt Simonson, Aaron Myers, Mike Ploog, Tim Sale, Eric Powell, Kyle Baker, Bob Layton, Andrew Robinson, Joanna Estep, Sal Buscema, Erik Larsen, Michael Avon Oeming, Steve Rude, Pat Oliffe, Tim Truman, John K. Snyder III, Jamie Hewlett, Alex Maleev, Joe Sinnott, Brad Meltzer, Alan Weiss, Mitchell Breitweiser, Mark Morales, Tim Vigil, Barry Kitson, Koi Turnbull, Josh Middleton, Dick Ayers, Sam Hart, Alan Kupperberg, Glyn Dillon, Sean Chen, Mike Wieringo, Kevin Hopgood, Liam Sharp, Frank Cho, Neil Vokes, Brian Postman, Mike McKone, Tony Moore, Steve Lieber, Jim Cheung, Staz Johnson, Francesco Francavilla, Alan Davis, Norm Breyfogle, Emily Hare, Keith Pollard, Mike Choi, Steve Yeowell, Ron Lim, Ron Wilson, John M. Burns, Brent Anderson, Micah Gunnell, Andy Runton, Bill Morrison, Lee Weeks, Juan Doe, Sergio Aragones, John Royle, Charlie Adlard, Bob Hall, Bob Budiansky, Frank Cammuso, Tom Yeates, Mark Farmer, Tyler Kirkham, Michael Kaluta, Bernard Chang, Thomas Cook, Kevin Eastman, Al Bigley, Rich Faber, Mike Manley, John Gallagher, Shana Manion, Sean Phillips, Dylan Teague, Sean Wang, Rufus Dayglo, Jonboy Meyers, Bryan Talbot, Gene Ha, Ryan Ottley, Chris Weston, David Mack, Duncan Fegredo, Jerry Carr, Jim Starlin, Scott James, Will Conrad, Pablo Marcos, Andie Tong, Steve Conley, Dave Sim, D’Israeli, John Hebert, Luke McDonnell