The Awakening

    (Image, 1997–1998)
™ and ©1997 Stephen Blue

A woman lies dying on the sidewalk, a gunshot wound ravaging the left side of her head. As the life slips away from her, she begins a strange journey in her own mind. In it, she fights for life against a series of demons, while in real life, the doctors fight to save her.

Defying the odds, she survives the operation, but the doctors fear the still-comatose woman won’t live through the night. Worse, an evil-looking man, who has been present during the operation, seems determined to make sure the woman dies—even if he has to strangle her in her bed. In her mind, the woman is swimming underwater, eventually reaching a sunken car and finding a ring on the seat. Placing it on her finger, she gains consciousness in time to throw off her attacker. The woman has awakened—but what happened to her? Who was it who wanted her dead so badly? And why does she now have a ring on her finger where none had been before?

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