Alien Legion: One Planet at a Time

    (Epic, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Carl Potts

The Alien Legion is the future’s equivalent of the French Foreign Legion. Comprised of castoffs and renegades, they hail from any number of races, cultures, and species. Together, they form one swift, decisive force which takes on the jobs that are too big to handle, and goes where nobody else dares.

In One Planet at a Time, the trouble begins out on the far reaches of the Kalon Galactic Arm. There, a gun platform guards the quarantined area until it is overwhelmed by a force of Vreel ships. The Vreel, which most of the galaxy sees as just a legend, destroys the gun station and spreads out to invade the world of Bakel II. After the invasion, Bakel II’s inhabitants begin dismantling their old city to build strange hexagonal structures. Even stranger, there seems to be no sign of the invaders.

So the Legion is sent in…and the whole world erupts.
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April, 1993
Cover Price: $4.95
7 copies available from $1.50
Chuck DixonHoang Nguyen
June, 1993
Cover Price: $4.95
4 copies available from $2.50
Chuck DixonHoang Nguyen
July, 1993
Cover Price: $4.95
3 copies available from $2.99
Chuck DixonHoang Nguyen