Aliens/Predator Panel to Panel

    (Dark Horse, 2006)
™ and © Dark Horse Comics, Inc. and Twentieth Century Fox

From the Publisher:

Every Picture Tells a Story…

Two extraterrestrial species have haunted—and hunted—mankind throughout history: one a parasitic killing machine that takes humans as unwilling hosts for its lethal offspring, the other a relentless stalker that uses otherworldly stealth technology and weaponry to hunt men for sport. Primal nightmares made real.

Since the 1980s, Dark Horse Comics has catalogued these terrifying contacts, harnessing the talents of a virtual who’s who list of comics, science-fiction, and fantasy illustrators to bring these frightening tales to vivid life. Aliens/Predator Panel to Panel showcaes page after page of some of the most compelling artworks ever seen in graphic fiction. Aliens/Predator Panel to Panel is an essential addition to any Aliens, Predator, and Alien vs. Predator collection and is a must-have for science-fiction and fantasy art enthusiasts.
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