Big Numbers

    (Mad Love, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz

Talented artist Bill Sienkiewicz and ace writer Alan Moore teamed up in 1990 to produce Big Numbers, meant as a twelve issue tour-de-force. Unfortunately, the project fell apart and only two issues were ever published before the series went on indefinite hiatus.

Although it’s difficult to tell where the series was meant to end up, it begins with a homecoming. Author Christine Gathercole had left Hampton when she had gotten pregnant, but a little operation took care of that problem. Later, she had found success as a writer in London, but peace continued to elude her. But if peace was what she searched for upon returning home to Hampton, it was going to be an uphill struggle. Hampton was a city in decay where cutbacks were forcing the psych wards to release inmates, and the ghosts of the past were everywhere. And now, Hampton had been chosen as the site for a huge and bizarre development project.

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 Alan MooreBill Sienkiewicz


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Final published issueAlan MooreBill Sienkiewicz