Christmas with the Super-Heroes

    (DC, 1988-1989)
©1988 DC Comics, Inc.

One of the longest-running traditions in comics is the holiday story. These might feature Superman being saved by Santa Claus, Batman discovering the spirit of Christmas, or a minor crook being set on the straight and narrow by some holiday act of kindness.

In 1988, DC put out Christmas with the Super-Heroes, a 100-page special collecting some of their favorite Christmas stories. Featured were stories from Superman, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Batman, the Justice League of America, and the Teen Titans. 1989 brought up a follow-up issue. Somehow, these tales managed to be schmaltzy and heartwarming at the same time. In any case, they were a welcome addition to the holiday season.

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Reprints stories from DC Special Series #21, Justice League of America #110, Teen Titans #13, DC Comics Presents #67, and Batman #219; Mark Waid editorial; Wraparound coverDenny O’Neil, Len Wein, Bob Haney, Paul Levitz, E. Nelson Bridwell, Mike FriedrichFrank Miller, Dick Dillin, Nick Cardy, José Luis García-López, Curt Swan, Neal Adams


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New stories; Mark Waid editorial; Cover says 1989, indicia says 1988; 64 pagesPaul Chadwick, Dave Gibbons, Eric Shanower, John Byrne, William Messner-Loebs, Alan BrennertPaul Chadwick, Gray Morrow, Eric Shanower, John Byrne, Colleen Doran, Dick Giordano