(4Winds, 1996-1997)
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This black and white graphic novel series from artist/storyteller Sam Glanzman (G.I. Combat, Weird War Tales) opens in 137 million B.C. in the land of Gondwana, where caveman Attu comes face-to-face with his destiny. In the Forbidden Cave, he discovers a spaceship and a woman frozen in suspended animation and is bombarded with images of his future—fantastic visions of eras far beyond 137 million B.C. This is wonderful, imaginative stuff from one of the comic industry’s finest, whose style here is reminiscent of the legendary Joe Kubert’s work on Tarzan and Tor.

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 B&WSam GlanzmanSam Glanzman


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 B&WSam GlanzmanSam Glanzman

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 ATTU The Collected Volumes; B&W; ca. 2016JeffLemire, Timothy Truman, Sam Glanzman, Stephen R BissetteSam Glanzman