The Eye

    (Hamster, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Bill Schelly

“The return of the world’s weirdest hero!” reads the tag line, and one look at this caped figure whose headgear resembles a gigantic, menacing eye makes it seem accurate. Eric Drake was an undercover cop who found he could best combat crime as the Eye, an “underworld executioner” who, in fact, merely hypnotizes his victims and hides them in a rest home. Thus he eliminates criminals without harming them, while maintaining his reputation as a feared assassin. But to one criminal organization, the Van Horn Syndicate, The Eye’s interference must end. Enter Myopia, a woman whose chameleon-like costume can counter the hero’s mysterious powers. It will take all the Eye’s resources—including partner Lynn O’Flynn and the ship she calls the Eyeball—to survive.

Written and drawn by Bill Schelly, this title comes with the blessing of Biljo White, the man who first created The Eye for a small-press comic in the ‘60s. Though his art is simple, Schelly’s story is richly textured. Published by Hamster Press.

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Aka Capt. Biljo Presents #2; Published by the White House of Comics; ca. 1969  

Special Edition #1

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Special editionBill SchellyBill Schelly