Batman/Grendel (2nd Series)

    (DC-Dark Horse, 1996)
™ and ©1996 DC Comics and Matt Wagner

(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

“Devil’s Bones”/“Devil’s Dance” sees the accidental appearance of the robotic Grendel Prime in Gotham during a demonstration against the museum exhibition of Hunter Rose’s skull. Displaced in time, Grendel Prime wants the skull to help return himself to the future. Reminiscent in style of Miller or Toth, Matt Wagner nevertheless brings his own distinctive viewpoint to well-written, playful tales that avoid the normal cross-company team-up clichés.~NF

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19 copies available from $3.00
Batman/Grendel: Devil’s Bones; Prestige format crossover with Dark Horse; Concludes in Grendel/Batman: Devil’s DanceMatt WagnerMatt Wagner


11 copies available from $5.25
Grendel/Batman: Devil’s Dance; Continued from Batman/Grendel: Devil’s BonesMatt WagnerMatt Wagner