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    (Bongo, 2005)
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This is another of the many comic books given out at Free Comic Book Day 2005. This title was a popular choice on that day, but Bongo probably should have touted The Simpsons, considering that Bongo is probably still a foreign word to most non–comic book readers who are the target audience this book was designed for. Nevertheless, four great tales from the Bongo line–up (Simpsons, Radioactive Man, Futurama, and Heroes Anonymous) grace this issue and the book succeeds as an excellent introduction for the uninitiated.

— Mark Arnold
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Free Comic Book Day #2005
May, 2005
Cover Price: $0.00
8 copies available from $1.50
Ian Boothby, Clint Johnson, Chuck DixonLuis Escobar, James Lloyd, Hilary Barta