The Best of Draw!

    (TwoMorrows, 2005)
™ and © TwoMorrows

This volume compiles the first two issues of the magazine, Draw!—aimed at and for aspiring cartoonists. Edited by Mike Manley, this instructional guide covers the spectrum of responsibilities (pencilling, inking, coloring) as well as tips on how to use computers, produce for the Web, and interpret scripts.

A cavalcade of pros lend their hands and advice. For starters, Dave Gibbons reviews his plotting process for Batman. Then, comics veteran Bret Blevins teaches a multi-part “How to Draw Lovely Women” and provides a generous helping of sinuous sketches and a color watercolor insert of figure painting from live models. Extended interviews mine wisdom from penciler Phil Hester, multi-dimensional Jerry Ordway, inker Klaus Janson, and animation creator Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack).

Overall, this methodical approach yields practical techniques that aspiring artists can immediately apply. Well-illustrated and appropriately inspirational, it succeeds in showing how drawing is done with flair, forethought, and finesse.

— Oliver Chin
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Mike ManleyBrian Michael Bendis, Bret Blevins, Dan Brereton, Ken Bruzenak, Celia Calle, Stephen DeStefano, Michael Avon Oeming, Peter Pantazis, Paul Rivoche, Alberto Ruiz, Zach Trenholm, Mike Wieringo, Bill Wray