(Apocalypse, 1991)
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Apocalypse is a British science-fiction comic magazine in the tradition of 2000 A.D.. Unlike that title, however, Apocalypse avoids the serial anthology format, typically covering a new, entire story in each issue. These have included such dystopian tales as “Makabre,” about a police psychic linked to a ghostly avenging serial killer, and Sex Warrior: Crime of Passion, a sometimes gruesome, sometimes deadpan-funny story of a future where the old never die, never surrender power to the young. This in turn sets off a terrible war between the generations. The elders have money, power, and advanced bio-engineered weaponry to do their fighting for them. The young battle bravely, but are hopelessly outgunned—until they discovered a way to literally channel their Tantric sexual energies to both power their weapons and gain near-superhuman abilities. A version of this excellent, but offbeat story was later made into a Dark Horse mini-series.

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June, 1991
1 copy available for $9.99
  Pat Mills, Tony SkinnerMartin Emond


July, 1991
1 copy available for $1.75
  John Wagner, Alan GrantCam Kennedy


August, 1991
1 copy available for $9.99


November, 1991
1 copy available for $9.99
  Pat Mills, Tony SkinnerWilliam Simpson