The Atheist

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A more cerebral, more poetic take on the type of character popularized by The X-Files’ Dana Scully, Antoine Sharpe is, indeed, extremely sharp. Dubbed “The Atheist” by coworkers, Sharpe, a tough skeptic and cynic, uses unfailing logic and keen insight into the human mind to investigate (and usually debunk) paranormal happenings that pose a threat to national security. His latest case, however, gives the unflappable uber–detective cause for pause.

Thousands of dead folks grow bored awaiting Judgment Day and return to terra firma by entering the bodies of teens and 20–somethings. Once on solid ground, the possessed people head north to indulge their sinful natures, resulting in a baffling population explosion in the city of Winnipeg.

An inventive take on the subjects it explores (actual atheism, by the way, plays little if any role here), The Atheist reads a bit choppily, since a number of scenarios that play out are related only tangentially. However, a second or even third reading proves rewarding.

Hester’s oddly compelling “Circumcision” (reprinted from Taboo #7) is also included.

— Brett Weiss

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