(Curtis, 2002)
ô and © Curtis

Itís Sailor Moon meets Clockwork Orange (or maybe Akira, except so far thereís been only one motorcycle, and it was kind of runty) would be the most obvious way of describing this Korean off-the-rails, youth-gone-wild saga. It focuses on a girl gang, The Pink Club, and their leader, pig-tailed Ruby, all of whom are after ultra-violent thrills on a no-future moon while a war of attrition goes on, on the Earth.

But then it becomes To Sir With Love meets Mad Max, as a teacher who really cares shows up at Rubyís school and dispenses tough love by stripping her topless (but itís OK, since Rubyís drawn sans nipples). Afterwards, a Pink Club member (who, from her reaction to the topless shot potentially might want to be a different kind of girlfriend to Ruby) seeks revenge on the teacher. What happens next is anyoneís guess, but itís that unpredictability, plus the sharp, clean art and cogent (if foul-mouthed) script that will bring me back for more.

ó S.A. Bennett

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