Animal Comics

    (Dell, 1941-1947)
™ and ©1946 Oskar Lebeck

Animal Comics, one of the many “funny-books” for young kids from the 1940s, introduced one of the endearing classics of the funny animal world, Walt Kelly’s Pogo the Possum. Pogo, a playful and surprisingly cunning possum, and his pals Albert the Alligator, Owl, and Churchy Turtle, inhabit the wacky world of Okeefenokee Swamp and speak in the laconic drawl of the bayou. Kelly and other contributors played Pogo strictly for laughs during the first few years in Animal Comics, but when the strip was picked up for syndication in newspaper comic sections, Pogo took on an epic allegorical and sociological dimension, and is considered one of the great satirical works of the century.

The surrounding features in Animal Comics didn’t live up to the high standards of Pogo, but served up the usual light entertainment that the funny animal genre dependably provided.
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June, 1947
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Walt KellyWalt Kelly
October, 1947
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Walt KellyWalt Kelly