Aeon Focus

    (Aeon, 1994)
™ and © Aeon

This edgy black & white series showcased some of the most promising up-and-coming talent of the time, whether they were completely new or had already begun to make a name for themselves. Issue #5’s Slip, for instance, featured artist Pia Guerra’s first published work as writer. Other issues spotlighted creators and stories already seeing print, whether by Aeon or under another banner.

The work sampled in this short-lived title includes Filthy Habits and Twitch, Ward Sutton’s Ink Blot, and an “even bigger than slightly smaller” piece by Colin Upton, who gave us yet another look at his other Other Big Thing.

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2 copies available from $1.99
 Justin Hampton’s TwitchJustin HamptonJustin Hampton


3 copies available from $3.99
 Colin Upton’s Other Other Even Bigger Than Slightly Smaller That Got Bigger Big ThingColin UptonColin Upton


No copies available
 Filthy Habits; B&WLandry Quinn WalkerEric Jones


2 copies available from $12.95
 Ward Sutton’s Ink BlotWard SuttonWard Sutton


1 copy available for $2.75
  Pia GuerraPaul Sloboda