Armed and Dangerous (Acclaim)

    (Acclaim, 1996)
™ and ©1995 Acclaim Comics, Inc.

Comics noir doesn’t come much darker than this. Bob Hall’s Armed and Dangerous draws on influences from Mickey Spillane to Quentin Tarantino movies to give us the comics equivalent of Pulp Fiction. It’s harsh and visceral, but hard to put down.

Armed & Dangerous focuses around Eddy Donovan, a fifteen-year-old kid who’s been raised in a boarding school after his parents died. He’s been called down to New York City by his Uncle Mitch and is discovering that life in the Big Apple is hard for a kid on his own. One day, he’s sent to deliver a strangely heavy pizza box to his Uncle Mitch in room 41 of a seedy hotel. When he gets there, he discovers a room stained with blood, a body on a bed, and that the “pizza box” was full of tools Mitch needed to dismember the body. In short, Eddy Donovan had just discovered the family business—and it was already too late to decide whether or not he wanted to join it.

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