(Marvel, 2001)
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The Sentry, a character of Superman-like ability, was respected and even held in awe by other Marvel heroes. That is, he was, until the day he mysteriously disappeared, along with all memory and traces of his existence.

Unexpectedly returning at long last, the character is retroactively re-inserted into Marvel’s continuity in Sentry vs. the Void. Unfortunately, the Sentry’s greatest enemy—the Void—has also returned, more powerful than ever.

As Marvel’s mightiest heroes await their confrontation with the Void, Archangel of the X-Men remembers his first encounter with the legendary hero. Young, arrogant, and still getting the hang of his wings, Angel was also still learning that being a hero goes beyond having powers. Sentry taught him the meaning of personal sacrifice, and to be willing to put the needs of others above his own. By facing his fear of falling, Angel not only became a better flier, but also a better hero.

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