Awakening Comics

    (Awakening, 1997-1998)
™ and © 1997 Steven Moisset Peters

This anthology book features stories that examine the overlapping boundaries of reality and dreams, particularly exploring the notion that what we imagine becomes reality for someone, somewhere. The lead story spotlights characters that only truly exist when their creator is actually thinking about them. The rest of the time they simply wait, their lives a monotonous state of limbo.

Publisher/creator Steve Peters is responsible for most of the stories in the series, and they are provocatively done. But the real claim to fame of the book is the cameo appearance of Dave Sim’s Cerebus, as well as the short strip giving homage to the legendary underground comic creator Robert Crumb. Also of note is the story that features characters and artwork done by the teenage students in Peters’ cartooning and illustration class.

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   Dave Sim, Nowell, Steve Peters


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Wraparound coverThe Everwinds Awakening War  


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 1st Appearance of Melvin G. Moose; Private EyeJeff PetersJeff Peters