Blazing Combat

    (Warren, 1965-1966)
™ and © Warren

James Warren strove hard to emulate all of the titles from the classic EC Comics days. He made magazines like Creepy and Eerie from an inspiration of Tales From the Crypt and 1984/1994 from Weird Science. For Blazing Combat, he turned to EC’s Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat for his inspiration.

Unfortunately, Blazing did not achieve a hint of the success of the other titles, perhaps because war comics were not as much in vogue during the Viet Nam War than during the Korean War or World War II. More likely, James Warren just had too much product on the market by 1965 that something had to give and this title became an unfortunate casualty. But it really is top-notch material.

— Mark Arnold

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 ScarcerArchie GoodwinFrank Frazetta, Joe Orlando, Angelo Torres, George Evans, Gray Morrow, Reed Crandall, Russ Jones, Tex Blaisdell, Maurice Whitman


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  Archie GoodwinFrank Frazetta, Joe Orlando, Reed Crandall, Al McWilliams, Angelo Torres, Al Williamson, Alex Toth, John Severin


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  Archie Goodwin, Alex Toth, Wally WoodAngelo Torres, Joe Orlando, Reed Crandall, Gene Colan, Alex Toth, Wally Wood, Gray Morrow, John Severin


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  Archie Goodwin, Reed CrandallDan Adkins, Gene Colan, George Evans, Alex Toth, Russ Heath, Wally Wood, John Severin, Reed Crandall, Angelo Torres

Annual #1

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 Collects stories from Blazing Combat #1-4Archie Goodwin, Alex Toth, Wally Wood, Reed CrandallAlex Toth, Reed Crandall, Gene Colan, Gray Morrow, Angelo Torres, Joe Orlando, Russ Heath, John Severin, George Evans, Al McWilliams

Book #1 Hardcover

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 Reprints Blazing Combat #1-4; Published by Fantagraphics; ca. 2009Archie Goodwin, Reed CrandallFrank Frazetta, Gene Colan, Gene Evans, Alex Toth, Russ Heath, Ralph Reese, Wally Wood, Dan Adkins, John Severin, Reed Crandall, Angelo Torres