Avigon: Gods & Demons

    (Image, 2005)
™ and © 2005Ché Gildon & Jimmie Robinson

In the capitol city of Empyrean, celebrity engineers build astounding mechanical creatures called clockworks who compete against one other for fame and prestige. Lovely Avigon may be the best clockwork ever made, but did her creator—the proud, frosty Pulsifer—lose something of herself in the creation?

Entering the world of Avigon: Gods and Demons is like opening a rare and exquisite music box. The reader first notices the pop-Goth Tim Burton aesthetic, with Art Deco echoes of Erté and Japanese anime. Illustrator Jimmie Robinson’s well-thought-out use of page continuity, perspective, and shadow lets him extract big, swelling emotion from the cast of delicately drawn characters and the fairy tale mise en scène.

Robinson’s elegant illustration makes the perfect match for Ché Gilson’s pithy, efficient script. With nary a superfluous word to be found, Gilson’s tight sentences generate an irresistible meter that draws the reader in quickly without any need for intrusion from the omniscient voice.

Gods and Demons presents the complete Avigon story arc that began in Image Comics’ 2000 release, Avigon. This lovely tale lingers in the mind long after its 190 pages end.

— Leland Burrill

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 B&W; ca. 2005Ché Gilson, Jimmie RobinsonChé Gilson, Jimmie Robinson