CLAMP Art Works: South Side Illustration Book

    (Tokyopop, 2005)
™ and © 2002 CLAMP

The second of two complimentary volumes celebrating over a decade’s worth of bestsellers from the all–women manga team, CLAMP. Printed on glossy full–color art pages, this book features poster reprints, original artwork, and even how–to–draw tips for the fans, right from the horse’s mouth. CLAMP South Side collects works originally published between the years of 1989–2002, but many of these titles have only recently been translated and published in English. Familiar offerings include artwork from Legal Drug, Shirahime-Syo, Miyuki–chan in Wonderland, Wish, Clamp School Paranormal Investigators, and more.

This second volume is more adventurous than the first in terms of representing a greater array of different artistic styles and experiments. CLAMP’s iconic use of dewy, large eyes and a pixy dust atmosphere are contrasted against more impressionistic watercolor pieces with lean pencil lines and chunky coloring. But not to fear: the trademark pretty boys and hourglass women are still here; they’ve just got some new faces to keep them company.

— Shiaw-Ling Lai
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