Best of Horror and Science Fiction

    (Webster, 1987)
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E.C. Comics may have received much of the negative publicity during the anti-comic-book backlash of the ‘50s, but E.C. had numerous imitators and not all of them were awash in sex and violence. The Best of Horror and Science Fiction Comics compiles some of the more notable tales from E.C.’s competition. Included are early work by legendary artists such as Basil Wolverton, Steve Ditko, Bob Powell, and Frank Frazetta. As with E.C.’s books the stories have “shock” endings. The tales are not as gory as one would expect from the time period but the third panel of “Mother’s Advice,” featuring a close-up of a woman’s cleavage with the text “…with plenty to offer,” probably wouldn’t have passed the Comics Code decades later, even after it became less strict.
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September, 1967
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 Basil Wolverton, Bob Powell, Frank Frazetta, Tony Mortellaro, Richard Doxsee, Steve Ditko